C1 Ušča, Kristberga: Sense of Belonging Through Liminal Cultural Practices July 29th 9.30 CET



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We invite you to join us on a virtual meeUse this Michrosoft Teams link to join the meetingting for a presentation of a paper Sense of Belonging Through Liminal Cultural Practices and a discussion.

In this paper we will address the sense of connectedness and attachment to a community and place through the concepts of belonging and liminality. Looking at the example of a localized Catholic tradition of May Hymns in Latvia, we recognize this shared practice as an activity that reinforces the sense of belonging. While the processions of May Hymns (Maija dziedājumi) in Latvia are a part of the Catholic tradition, being carried out by the roadside crucifixes without a church official but by the community members has given the tradition a localized meaning. The recent renaissance of the May Hymns, including it in the Latvian Culture Canon and making it a sacred tourism event, recognizes the impact of this cultural practice that goes beyond the Catholic tradition contributing greatly to the sense of belonging to the local place and people. Collective singing of May Hymns can be regarded as liminal states of being and alternative forms of knowing. Since it is a shared experience and a rather performative ritual, it can also be seen as a collectively transformational and healing social action. Liminality is both social and personal, and liminal practices or experiences are transitionary and revelatory – “full of personal and collective transforming power” (Carson 2016:19).

The final outcome of the activity is a scholarly publication that will be published in a SCOPUS indexed academic journal.

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