C1 Favara-Kurkowski: My home and its material histories July 29th 10.00 CET

Monika Favara-Kurkowski

Here you can find the presentation online!

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It is also required to register prior, by sending an e-mail to m.favara@uw.edu.pl

For the 2018 summer edition of NSU, I presented a reflection on the
notion of matter and texture in architecture. The starting point for these
reflections was my home, the so-called Kostka Mazowiecka. This year, I
would like to propose a more daring reflection: some examples of
former Soviet bloc’s modernist architecture—the Kostka
Mazowiecka being the paradigm—allows us to view modernist
conventions from a different perspective, or even turn them upside
Given the theoretical nature of my proposal, my trace will take the form
of an online presentation (20 min. followed by a discussion). You are all
invited to the presentation and the afterwards discussion.

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