C7 Porkola: Scores for Artistic Research

Pilvi Porkola

Helsinki, July 26

In the end of the day on Harakka island we gather together to sum up feelings, thoughts and reflections based on what we have seen and experienced during the sessions. We will be talking in small groups current issues of artistic research with an aim to create a score to be shared and completed somewhere in the future. The scores will be presented in the end of the session (3 mins. for each group).


Scores for an island

There are also some scores to do on the island during the day.  If you cannot join us on Harakka, you can try them on your own island (real or imaginary).



Listen to the seagulls.

Hear what they say.

Answer them.



Find a rock you can trust.

Tell it your problem.

Listen to the advice.



Listen to the concert of the waves.

Give applause when it ends.


Document the performed scores with filming or drawing. You can also write your own score inspired by an island and document that. 


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