C5 & C8 Rozhkova: Democracy: between equality and inequality

On Zoom: for information on how to join follow this link: https://cutt.ly/XsjVtXj

Presentation by Zinaida Rozhkova

American journalist Irving Kristol has a saying: “Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions; it only guarantees equality of opportunities.” Irving Kristol believed that in a democracy, people have the same number of rights and freedoms, but they do not have the same conditions for their use. This opinion is particularly relevant in the context of the development of democracy in our time. The conditions under which one has to develop depend on factors such as the political regime, social inequality, and prescribed social status…

The transition to democracy in the twentieth century accelerated the pace of economic development and the processes of social stratification of society. Despite the positive impact of democratic institutions on economic development, democracy cannot solve the problem of social inequality. History shows that democracy reduces the level of social inequality, but only in some cases, and in most cases increases it.

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