C1 Budginaite-Mackine: Everyday lives in uncertain political climate. July 29th 11.30

Irma Budginaite Mackine

‘Everyday lives in uncertain political climate: notions of home and
belonging in the narratives of young Lithuanians in Brexit Britain’

July 29th 11.30 – 12.00 CET

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The changing political context and strong anti-EU-migration rhetoric
during the Brexit campaign (particularly directed to migrants from the
new EU member states) created a climate of uncertainty. It (re-)opened
the questions of belonging and non-belonging, as those living in the UK
faced a choice of remaining in the country, returning to their country of
origin or moving elsewhere.

I would like to invite you to a virtual meeting, during which you will have
a chance to have a closer look at the narratives of 36 Lithuanians (aged
19 to 35), 30 of which currently continue living in the UK and 6 of which
returned to Lithuania post-Brexit referendum and discuss the emerging
themes. In particular, we will explore how conceptualisations of home
as a (safe) physical space and attachment (or lack of attachment) to the
(close) environment are intertwined with narratives of nostalgia
emerging from memories of parental home and Lithuanian hometowns.
The extracts from narratives in (audio)visual format will be available
online before and after the virtual meeting.

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