Tuesday 28, 10.00-12.00 C8 & C5 Seminar on Bateson: Steps Towards an Ecology of Mind

On Zoom: for information on how to join follow this link: https://cutt.ly/XsjVtXj

Seminar on / text-reading of George Bateson: Steps Towards an Ecology of Mind

Intro and teaser to Nora Bateson’s two keynotes

Texts: https://cutt.ly/4apyKWd

We will focus on reading and discussing the logical categories of learning (Text A).

If time permits we might also briefly touch on two minor texts on ecology, eco-mentality and the ecological crisis, Text B1 and B2

Finally, there are also secondary texts for a rainy day, but they will not be our primary focus. Notice though, that in the text on Hegel and Bateson, then figure 9.1 at page 174 refers directly to the three dimensions mentioned in text B2