* Oleana: An Act of Courage? * ART TALK


Oleana traces the story of a utopian colony founded by Norwegian violinist Ole Bull in 1852 in Pennsylvania. Through a visual journey into the Scandinavian emigration to America, the project features images from archival research to describe the will, vision, hopes and desires that have united Scandinavian emigrants to America for over a century. Oleana brings historic experiences of being a Scandinavian abroad home.

On July 28th, 6-7pm, the creator of the project (Giulia Mangione) will host a webinar talk to discuss the photographs, in dialogue with Prof. Sigrid Lien of the University of Bergen. Prof.  Lien will write a critical text later this year, reflecting on the work in relation to the story of Norwegian immigration.

Email kai.green@nsuweb.org to receive the ZOOM link 🙂

You can follow Giulia on Instagram @Giulia_Mangione, and find out more about her project at https://tracingthespirit.com/category/oleana-an-act-of-courage/


Oleana is just one of ten arts/research projects by the Nordic Summer University, celebrating our 70th Anniversary. Find out more about the other projects at Which Trace Will You Follow?


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