Friday 31. July, 11.30-13.00 TRACE KEYNOTE LECTURE: Abrahim H. (Ivan) Khan, Faculty of Divinity, Toronto School of Theology, Trinity College Toronto. “Tagore and Bildung “

Tagore, Building, and Learning to be Human 

A sketch of Tagore’s view on education is presented to make a connection with the idea of Bildung. The sketch is based on his essays/addresses on education, the poet school’s, construction and creation, and the play Achalayatan. Given that Bildung many be a contestable concept in education, attention is paid to determine in what sense it maps on to Tagore’s view of education. At the heart of much of the keynote presentation is the concept of person/personality as understood by Tagore. On the whole, the keynote address assembles for discussion and critical reflections some reminders about learning to be human in the 21st century.

On Zoom – More information on how to connect to this session in Zoom, Saturday, July 26.