Picture-In-Picture: Notes from writing in-sync

7 May 2020, 09.18  synchronous writing with the others

We live in the shadow of the archive, of the proof, the evidence. But it is the aesthetic, the sensations, emotions that have the most affect.

We live in shadows. 

The archive holds out a possibility of fact, surety, confirmation or is this only an illusion.

Is this what I want, surety, or do I prefer to live in the shadows, what pleasure might be found in shadows?

Emotional meaning has more importance than actual meaning.

Skype meeting 3 April 2020

Here is an excerpt from one of our diaries that we write every month synchronously:

27 November 2019 An extract from the diary one of us wrote when we visited the archive:

The Danish National Archive protects the NSU’s documents from physical degradation, theft and loss. Perhaps they even receive the same protection as major state documents; age affords a levelling. Each year we hold worried conversations about the future of NSU. We never know what will happen. But the past is taken care of.

5 May 2020. Camilla at a residency at Brecht Hus in Svendborg, DK.

23 October 2020. Message from Camilla, the night before our visit to the National Archive in Copenhagen. 

Dear Per, Myna and Luisa,

I’m alone with Olga these days and therefor only can join you at the achive at 10:00 tomorrow.

If you arrive earlier than me, then please ask for the material that I have ordered for us.

I’m otherwise looking forward to seeing you there. 

Safe travels.



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