The Soil

Into the forest will show a form of dialectic between nature, Art and time. The VR serves both as a perceptive experience of time – at a scale unknown to human, individual experience – and a reminder of what little time humanity has to act; to reflect on humanity’s impact on the environment. 

Objects in the space will draw from the symbolic canon of Nordic and Celtic cultures from the past and their evolutions to the present. The piece will compose, in a playful and aesthetic way, original images or icons, by suggestion and association with the main tools of anachronism, eclecticism and accident.  

The idea of creating purposefully ‘eclectic’ objects stems from the recent insights of Archaeological and anthropological studies that, contrary to popular beliefs, Nordic and Celtic cultures have always grown and evolved through the process of acculturation and exchange (matrimonial, commercial, etc.). Having probably originated from Indo-European populations migrating westward, archaeology has shown an “arrhythmic diffusion” of the first Neolithic, European civilisations. These stages were marked, locally, by ‘pauses” during which we can see renewals of their cultural structures. (One example would be the creation of written Celtic languages, such as in the VIIth century B.C. in contact with Etruscan culture: the Lépontique). 

Into the Forest is an attempt to create a ‘post-secular iconography’, a restoration of the symbolic power of ancient Nordic and Celtic culture. 

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