Proposal Idea #6

IDEA 6 – Crossing Disciplines

2004, Iceland.

Political conflicts on NSU’s future continue to abound. But in the midst, a plucky group of researchers stage a football match between the Dantes and the Jantes – from the humanities and from the social sciences. Bare feet race across the ground. An Italian enlightenment philosophy crosses the ball to Karl Marx. Old rivals are forgotten. New arguments are stirred in the sprinting and tackling. A small boy strikes the winning goal for the Dantes!

Cultural engagement – the sharing of practices and games – has been a key part of the world NSU creates each summer. Discussions have long raged over whether a ‘Nomadic university’ such as NSU should be an entirely open, egalitarian space of activism and collectivity; or a place of critical rigour, deep standards of scholarship and commitment to research.

What new states of being can be found when researchers or artists play (football) together?

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

Photo by John O’Nolan on Unsplash. Special thanks to Asger Sørensen for his contribution of memories!

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