Proposal Idea #5

IDEA 5… New Generations of Researcher

From the time of its foundation, the Nordic Summer University has set aside a space for children to be included in the Summer Sessions. Practically, this space allowed adult researchers with child-caring responsibility to be free to immerse in the debate, learning and cultural sharing – an early statement of gender equality in Nordic academic. Is this an embodiment of ‘sustainability’?

Yet, the ride has not always been smooth. In 1972, a Danish radio station broadcast a section of the Summer Session in Askov, proclaiming that children were being inducted into a “radical experiment”, and “upbringing towards a class society”.

Supported by pedagogues, the children’s circle continues to flourish at NSU. How does it change a radical research agenda to be surrounded by the living, breathing, laughing, learning, new generation?

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

Picture by Gabby Orcutt on @unsplash

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