Proposal Idea #2

IDEA 2…. Power Plant Storms: NSU harnessing nature.

Through thundering rain and earthquake-rumbles, hardy members of NSU battle the elements in an annual 10-day Summer Session of 1995. The pursuit of knowledge mixes with the smell of sulphur. A keynote speaker recollects “Listen, I’ve been a nun for forty years, and this is the closest to hell I’ve ever been!” Steam rises from the earth and the inimitable Slavoj Zizek delivers lectures from the breakthroughs of the Ljubljana school. 

#NordicSummerUniversity Sessions have changed quite a bit since 1995. But our relentless pursuit of knowledge, embracing whatever nature throws at us, remains firm.

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.


Picture by Viktor Kiryanov on @unsplash

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